Object Matrix Case Study : EDF Energy – Digital Preservation Platform for Inspection Data

The Customer Challenge

The Inspection Group within EDF Energy Generation is responsible for collecting inspection data when outages occur at any of the nuclear power plants owned by EDF Energy. The inspection data collected is wide ranging but the content that presents the most challenges to the team is the hours of file based video footage captured on site. The incumbent solution for management of video

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Object Matrix: From Kebabs to Castles

Measuring success or company performance is a tough thing to do:

  • Is it revenue based? Revenue is vanity they say.
  • Profit maybe? Sanity for bean counters for sure.
  • How many blue chip customers? Yes, well having over 70 of those is a real achievement!

Like others we measure ourselves by all those indicators. But I prefer the Christmas party venue indicator myself. Using that, not so well known business indicator, one can clearly see that Object Matrix has progressed nicely

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