MatrixStore 2.1 Released

An archive shouldn’t be a part of your working day. It should be invisible. Always there, always a place to securely store your data, but never a headache, nor a time consuming monster.

MatrixStore 2.1 contains all the scripts and logic to place a truly scalable disk-based archive into Final Cut Server; so that automated tasks take control of that part of your workflow without requiring daily user interventions of any kind.

MatrixStore 2.1 also includes an FTP “interface” to MatrixStore so that non-Final Cut Server software can use that route to store/retrieve data to MatrixStore when appropriate. The FTP interface runs as an application on a server (outside of MatrixStore), and then delivers/reads data to the archive with all the speed and security options available to other MatrixStore clients, e.g., using 256-bit encryption.

Many of the scripts for Final Cut Server are delivered with open source licenses allowing you to modify them to suit your particular environment, we do ask that you feedback your work into the OM community when you get the chance to, but we don’t oblige you to do that if you don’t want to.


MatrixStore 2.1 (2.1 build 9)


This release consists of:

  • MatrixStore 2.1 (server installer and administration tools for MacOS X)
  • DropSpot 2.1.5
  • MatrixStore Connect 1.0.21
  • MatrixStore-Final Cut Server Integration plugins. 1.1.3


  • MatrixStore Connect provides FTP access to MatrixStore vaults
  • MatrixStore-Final Cut Server plugins contain the scripts and utilities for a full integration with FCS allowing:
    • usage of MatrixStore as Final Cut Server archive device
    • archiving entire productions with a single click
    • archiving assets into MatrixStore together with their metadata
    • configuration files to specify which metadata should be archived in MatrixStore together with the asset or production.
  • Automatic installation of MatrixStore-Final Cut Server Integration plugins
  • Support for software upgrades in Maintenance tool
  • Performance improvements in write and read operations.
  • DropSpot shows better error information

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